Oh Aew

What is "Oh Aew? A sweet iced dessert made of flour, banana, and a little seaweed.

But if you ask Phuketians one of the most popular answers you will get is a jelly like dessert but not exactly jelly. "Oh Aew" is made from a mixture of Oh Aew seeds, banana and gelatin. Oh-Aew jelly is softer, stickier and more delicious than normal jelly, possibly because all the ingredients used in its making are natural.

There are several ways in which "Oh Aew" is served including with red bean or black grass jelly and ice, or with red syrup on the top. "Oh Aew" is very cheap and you should expect to pay between 10-20 THB for a bowlful. Although saying that, if you're reading this and you're not in Phuket you may be disappointed as "Oh Aew" is pretty rare to find outside of Phuket and in Phuket it can only be found in selected roadside stalls and restaurants in Downtown.