Phuket Food

They say 'we are what we eat' and again 'life is a journey'. Those great exotic dishes which you sample along the way, help to make the trip worthwhile.

Phuket has a unique cuisine and both its entrées and desserts are a combination of local and Chinese cooking styles. International visitors should not miss the opportunity to sample the mouth-watering and unique offerings of Phukets kitchens. We have the inside track on toothsome dishes which will tempt your taste buds. Please allow us to offer a few examples;

Oh Tao

Oh tao is similar same like Hoi Tod or friend mussels in flour paste.The O-Tao is a delicacy made of flour and taro, added with small oysters, bits of crispy pork rasher and spring onions. It is best taken with a sweet and spicy sauce... Read more

Kanom Jin

A Vermicelli-based dish served with a variety of curry sauces. This is a favourite breakfast dish for Thais. They will insist on relishes such as Tai Pla fish sauce with crab, prawns... Read more

Oh Aew

An unbeatable, Phuket dessert which is made from jellied banana-flour mixed with boiled red bean, ice, and sweet red syrup. There original Oh Aew caterers can be found on Yaowarat Intersection and one can be found ... Read more

Mee Hok Kian

This is made with large yellow noodles similar to Japanese Soba. Mee Hok Kian can be served in with pork-bone soup and/or dried noodles. A delightful variety known as Mee Hok Kian Pak includes fried noodles, soup, pork, fish or squid, egg... Read more

Mee Sue

Phuket's breakfast noodles with salty taste and white color when uncooked, are boiled and flavoured with oriental spices. They can be served with sliced pork or chicken and accompanied by boiled rice or rice soup. Kuo Kwan Restaurant... Read more

Mee huhb

Mee Huhn Pah Chahng Dry fried noodles eaten with pork bone soup, For this try (all in Phuket Town)Read more

Lo Ba

Lo Ba pork cooked in a machine to machine Palo be fried and eaten. Pour sauce fried tofu. Read more