Phuket Travel

Let's experience the high sea atmosphere in an island which is located on the Andaman sea coastline and popular in the world with us. We are original Phuket citizen who ready proud to present the heavens for person who loves the sea. We will be the host to present the traveling place in Phuket Island and its surroundings area. You will experience the real relaxing atmosphere.

Spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue sea awaits you at Asia's most popular beach destination.

Laem Phromthep

Laem Phromthep is the one of most important and popular place of Phuket. There is a saying that you have not been to Phuket unless you visit Laem Phromthep. There is the favorite for Thais and foreign tourists. Many tourists come here particularly in the evening to see the sun ... Read more

Karon View Point

Karon View Point is on the top of the hill. Wayside shelter was constructed at here for seeing the view. From this point can be seen 3 bays. The nearest bay is Kata Noi, next Kata bay and next Karon bay. Its shape likes 3 crescent moons. From this point also can be seen Koh Poo ... Read more

KaoKhad Viewpoint

KaoKhad viewpoint 360 degree is located Ao Makham area. There is not popular viewpoint for both of original Phuket citizen and tourists because it just was established and its location is not in the zone of traveling place of Phuket. KoaKhad Viewpoint is commanding a 360 degree ... Read more

Thalang National museum

Thalang National museum is the National Museum of Phuket Province. At the beginning of the Bangkok period, early 1790's, phuket was an important factor in the protection of Thailand's independency from the invading Burmese, two Thai heroines, repulsed the Burmese Army ... Read more

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach lies just north of the lights and noise of Patong and is a quieter stretch of sand with a more relaxed feel. This well-enclosed bay and fishing village surrounded by forested hills is one of the most beautiful places in Phuket... Read more

Karon Beach

Karon Beach is one of Phuket's longest beaches and located near The North of Kata Beach. Karon Beach is split from Kata Beach by a small hill. Larch trees and sugar palm trees fringe the beach. There are strong wave and wind... Read more

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is located between Kata Noi and Karon Beaches. Kata beach is a popular beach on Phuket Island. The beach has soft white sand and palm trees fringe. Large number of tourists choose to stay in Kata beach... Read more

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the most popular tourists place in Phuket Island. The tourists who visit Patong beach are people from around the world and it is busy for the year round. There are many tour guide companies, shops, bars, restaurants... Read more

Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach is the longest beach of Phuket Island. It is quiet here and located on foothill. Larch trees fringe the beach. Grain of sand is not fine but is very white. It has since been developed into five luxury resorts... Read more

Surin Beach

Surin Beach is located between Kamala and Bang Tao Beaches. It is one of beautiful beaches with fine white sand and emerald sea. It make us dote on gold sunlight reflect on sea surface. The beach is rather strong wind, therefore it is a suitable beach... Read more

Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is the second largest beach in Phuket Island. (The first one is Patong Beach). There are a lot of restaurants. There is a favorite place to partake of meal beside beach for both of Thais and foreign tourists. Rawai Beach is great spot for a launching point... Read more

Kao Rang

Kao Rang is a hill. It is said that its former name was Kao Lang (behind). Koa Rang is located in Northwest Phuket. We can drive a car go to the top of Kao Rang hill. There are also a health park and public park for exercise enthusiasts. A great view of the top of Kao Rang.... Read more

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is located on Kamala Beach. It was established for the center of entertainment of Phuket is culture, including the art, cultural of Thailand. Phuket Fantasea is one of amazing Thailand. The tourists who to go sight-seeing these show.... Read more

Phuket Simon Cabaret Show

Phuket Simon Cabaret Show holds the show in seating up to 500 people. It is a dancing show on the state by lady boys. It is indeed a perfect blend of Thai and foreign cultural traditions. There are many type of dancing show such as beautiful style.... Read more

Phuket Town

Unfortunately most of Phuket's tourists fail to visit Phuket Town even if the historical center, the Old Town, is really worth a day trip with its beautifully ornated old shophouses, Buddhist and Chinese temples, some lovely museums and mangnificent Sino-Colonial mansions, once ... Read more