Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival Week falls on a different date each year (as it's based on the lunar calendar) and is one of the most important and enjoyable local festivals that takes place in Phuket. For the sizeable Chinese population in Phuket, this is the main traditional event of the year when they can celebrate for a couple of weeks with close friends and family. Despite not being an official Thai holiday, many of the local Chinese-owned businesses will be temporarily closed, and many people will travel abroad to visit relations, in what is known as the Golden Week (due to the additional business and revenue that is generated at Chinese New Year). This is unsurprisingly a very busy but exciting time of year to be visiting Phuket.

In Phuket Town especially, and at the many Chinese temples on the island, you'll be able to see related ceremonial events and cultural processions. A common practice is to light noisy firecrackers in the street each day, and there is local food on sale and entertainment everywhere. It's a fabulous time to visit Phuket and you'll notice that local shops and houses raise red banners (the colour red is considered very lucky in Chinese society) and decorations to encourage fortune and happiness in the New Year. Little red envelopes stuffed with small amounts of money are also given between friends and family as gifts.

Location: Her Majesty the queen's sixth cycle birthday Anniversary Park and Thalang Road, Krabi Road, Dibuk Road and Phang Nga Road.