Phuket Bike Week

Just like many other towns and cities across Thailand, Phuket hosts it's own successful and well-organised bike week every year in Patong Beach, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors and generates hundreds of millions of baht of revenue for the island. This noisy event is really just an excuse to have a big party where bikers can show off their incredible machines and admire what others have. Most bikes at the show tend to be flamboyant choppers but there are also custom bikes, sports bikes and just about every other kind imaginable. As expected there are plenty of tattooed middle-aged blokes wearing leather waistcoats adorned with motorcycle club emblems, but most of them are a very friendly and welcoming bunch.

Like most bike weeks in Thailand, the event not only appeals to hardcore bikers, but is popular with anyone that wants to marvel at the impressive bikes or simply enjoy the party atmosphere and activities. Avid bikers and fans come to Phuket from all over Thailand and abroad especially for the event, often with an accompanying posse of riders from the many motorbike clubs in Asia.

To keep the crowds entertained, loads of activities are laid on such as a music festival with live rock bands, food and drinks stands, booths selling bike gear, a tattoo contest and even coyote dancers. There is an accompanying bike exhibition in the JungCeylon mall in Patong, where Thai and international manufacturers open booths selling bike equipment and accessories. There are even unique helmets for sale that have been lovingly decorated by Japanese artists. The most beautiful and just downright bizarre bikes battle it out in the bike contest, and the most attractive girls can win prizes in the Miss Phuket Bike Week competition.

Location: Patong Beach