Kao Rang

Kao Rang is a hill. It is said that its former name was Kao Lang (behind). Koa Rang is located in Northwest Phuket. We can drive a car go to the top of Kao Rang hill. There are also a health park and public park for exercise enthusiasts. A great view of the top of Kao Rang, we can see all Phuket town, beach, other island around Phuket town.

Rang Hill (Khao Rang) is found on the north side of Phuket Town and is a popular gathering place for locals in the evenings or at weekends and quite a lot of tours take a quick drive up here too. There are 3 different roads up to the top from the south and east sides of the hill (check the map at the end of the page). The main route starts on Mae Luan road next to the Rang Hill Dental Clinic (which we use!). There's a big sign at the corner saying "Khao Rang". The road is shady and well kept. You pass a restaurant called Phuket View on the way up - must try it one day! And finally reach a parking area with a little park in the center at the top of the hill. It is walkable, though a hot walk of about a mile from the bottom. It's not one of Phuket's highest hills, the top is about 140m above sea level, compared to nearby Monkey Hill about 270m high (the one with all the aerials on top) and Phuket's high point is well over 500m above sea level.

Address: Vichit, Muang Phuket, Phuket 83000 Thailand